Introducing SurgeryHub

from Spoke Health

We reduce the cost of employer-provided health care by serving their employees' greatest needs during the most expensive time in their medical lives.

SurgeryHub is a value-added benefit for employees that fundamentally changes the way surgeries are provided and paid for by self-funded employers.

Check the quality of the facility and surgeon to which the employee has been referred.

Select local surgeons who are among the top 25% in the country for each specific procedure.

Receive compensation for making quality and price-conscious surgery-related decisions.

Rely on his/her employee advocate to navigate their healthcare benefits and healthcare system.

The Employer Healthcare Challenge

Large employers bear the financial risk for providing employee healthcare benefits. Rising healthcare costs are both unacceptable and unsustainable. Current solutions merely try to shift the burden.

Effective solutions to better manage cost require a combination of the right tools and incentives that target the highest areas of spend. As the single largest segment of medical spend, surgeries are a critical target for focused cost-control initiatives. Due to a lack of transparency within healthcare, the cost for surgeries both within and between markets can vary greatly. For example, the cost for a knee replacement can range from $16,000 to $60,000.

Employers who can successfully exploit bundled surgery rates optimized for cost and quality stand to SAVE thousands of dollars per employee for scheduled surgical procedures—while making the process less stressful for their employees.

How We Solve This

Solution for Employers

SurgeryHub helps employers capture savings between 25% and 45% on the costliest surgical procedures, while also ensuring that employees receive the highest quality of care with the highest-rated facilities and surgeons.

Unlike other solutions, we don’t just focus on price alone, resulting in the greatest possible savings impact for selecting the higher quality provider.

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